The Worlds Only Aberdeen Angus Trail

Welcome to the Worlds Only Aberdeen Angus Trail.

Situated here in the North East corner of Scotland, where over the centuries, a very special breed of cattle has been developed. Known all over the Globe as a benchmark for quality beef and a brand that is instantly recognisable. There are millions of Aberdeen Angus cattle in every major beef producing country in The World, and every single one can trace its origins back here to the North East of Scotland.

The Aberdeen Angus Trail is to celebrate the achievements of the breed, and the men and women who have guided its development over the last 200 years, whilst you can enjoy the sights, sounds (or lack of them), the heritage and hospitality in this, the home of the Aberdeen Angus breed.

We are a group of family owned and run businesses, with a couple of castles and the odd heritage museum thrown in. Whether you are a Farmer or a ‘Foodie’, or just someone who enjoys the finest beef and where it comes from, feel free to visit any one or indeed all, as you explore The Aberdeen Angus Trail.

Map of North East Scotland

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“The Aberdeen Angus Trail is supported by the Community Food Fund, which is financed by The Scottish Government and has been created to promote local food and drink, in line with Scotland’s National Food and Drink Policy.”