Alford Heritage Museum

If you have arrived in the village from the East, then you will already have met ‘Jeremy Eric’. He’s been there since 2001, and serves to remind us all about the important role that Aberdeen Angus cattle, and the ‘Howe o’ Alford’ has had on production of top quality beef all over the world.

William McCombie, widely regarded as ‘the grandfather of the breed’, farmed at Tillyfour, Tough, from 1824, and had enormous success all over the UK and into mainland Europe.  It is he who gave the breed its well deserved, global reputation and recognition.

He also enthused and encouraged local breeders, and it was no accident that this part of Scotland was known as ‘The Stockyard of the World.  Breeders from every corner of the Planet beat a path to Aberdeenshire.

Today, the passion continues!

Open April – October, Thurs – Sun from 12.00 – 4.00

Aberdeen Angus Cattle

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